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Technology has never been as widespread as it is right now – this actuality will undoubtedly ring true for any number of years in the future following this publication.

Smartphones, tablets, smartphones, and other programs and physical devices often make living easier and more hassle-free. We can locate the tastiest nearby restaurants, anywhere in the world, use smartphones as navigation tools, and carry out virtually any other task thinkable. Without technological devices and the widespread utilization of the Internet for everything under the sun, our modern society would be loads different than it is today.

PPC Search Engine Ads Are Fire

When people search for things – thanks to the long-term development of Google’s search engine capabilities – they often find what they’re looking for. However, PPC search engine clicks result in 50% more follow-throughs than organic traffic.

Regardless of what industry your business operates in, you should stay on top of the digital advertising industry. Specifically, what’s going on with PPC marketing.

PPC ads are so common because it allows businesses to directly target their average customer, rather than spreading word of their offerings across television, radio, and other traditional media sources.

Video Advertising Has Grown To A New Level of Popularity

As years go on, technology becomes more advanced. However, the average person’s attention span declines as time passes. This is largely due to on-demand media and video advertising.

Video advertising is one of the most common ways businesses share their messages with others. In the country/continent of Australia alone, video advertising will rise to above $700 million in the coming calendar year, 2018.

Video ads that tend to be particularly successful feature information within the first two seconds of playing, encouraging consumers not to skip or leave. Video advertising is likely to grow more popular than PPC in coming years, revaluing both fields of promotion — pay-per-click will likely become cheaper.

PPC Ads On Google Will Become More Popular

As Google makes changes to its pay-per-click policy related to its search engine, companies tend to scramble for innovative ways to stay ahead of the pack, of which new changes to Google is a significant part of.

Although video advertising is readily becoming more popular, PPC advertising activity is likely to increase in the next year, if not much sooner.

Businesses may also be able to capitalize on variances in advertising and marketing strategy, resulting in more profit – or at least revenue – for innovative organizations.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements Often Result In Calls

Advertisements are designed to result in brand awareness and, ultimately, sales. Over half of all PPC ads result in customers directly calling the business being mentioned.

As such, these advertisements are highly profitable, at least when used correctly. Unfortunately, many digital promotions are wasted on bots, resulting in billions of dollars of wasted advertising expenditures.

These ads were popular in 2017, and are set to hold steady, at a minimum, in the next calendar year. Even though video ads are significantly more popular, PPC ads don’t take any attention span to digest, making them ideal for today’s generation.

The same rings true for younger audiences, as they typically have the shortest attention spans.

Mobile Devices Are Officially More Popular Than Computers

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are used more frequently than any other device for using search engines. Google raked in a whopping $6 billion annual revenue in 2016 from displaying pay-per-click advertisements on its trillions of hits that year.

Computers gave birth to other technological devices, including the smartphone. They can perform just about any tasks a computer can, and then some – calling, SMS messaging, and more.

Digital Advertising Is Steadily Taking Up Market Share

As technology steadily improves, it becomes more widespread. By extension, business entities are getting increasingly involved with digital advertising.

By 2020 – that’s slightly more than two years from now – spending on these ads is likely to skyrocket to $113 billion, the highest ever allocated towards digital ads in history.

Traditional advertising is slowly becoming less popular. Eventually, digital advertising will become more popular than its digital predecessor. This “changing of the guards” is likely to manifest itself in chatbots, machine learning, and smartwatches.

Most companies just focus on PPC ads for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. however, Smartwatches shouldn’t be ignored, as they offer potentially endless potential for businesses that decide to advertise their products and services towards them.