5 Guest Blogging Benefits

image-1-e1432216577625-600x400In the world of SEO, there existed a time where guest blogging was the thing to do to boost your rankings in Google. In recent times, Matt Cutts (of Google fame) said that you should not guest blog purely for SEO purposes. He might have said that to keep webmasters from trying to trick Google. Hey, I believe that this is a good thing. Most webmasters already know that you can’t fool Google into giving you first page rankings for your website.

When it comes to SEO, I’ve never been one to follow the edicts of Matt Cutts and Google. I never bothered to learn a lot about meta tags and backlinking. I don’t know about those things to this day. What I do believe is that if you create valuable content for your website visitors time and time again, you will get traffic. This strategy has worked wonders for our website, and it will also help your site.

image-11-e1432216336145-600x400Instead of PPC and SEO, I have focused my attention on social media. Because I mainly deal with social media, most of where I put my focus is in creating relationships to build traffic for the website, authority for me, and trust for you. I don’t guest blog purely for the sake of SEO purposes. I guest blog so that I can create and build relationships online. By guest blogging, I have seen many of its benefits with my own eyes. For this reason, I will still write for publications and blogs. It does not matter what the heads at Google say about it. Some of the benefits that I have witnessed firsthand include an increase in traffic for my website.

You need to get search traffic. But search engines evolve on a daily basis. They use different factors to rank your blog. Doing tasks for your website such as being active on social media, sharing content, and blogging will always act as essential ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors in your niche. In the next few years, social media will even serve as a prime searching and discovery source. Web surfers will increasingly rely on social channels to find you. Social media channels such as YouTube will also continue to grow as search engines. If you want people to see your website, your past visitors will need to like and share your content.

The top guest blog posting services and guest blog posts act as a great way to get discovered on the Internet. In this blog post, I will reveal five reasons why you should add guest blogging to your list of webmaster tasks.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Writing Guest Blog Posts

  1. It Builds Your Professional Network

    When you write guest blog posts, you get in front of a brand new audience. The online publications that you submit to want publicity for what they are doing. For this reason, they will willingly share your bio, as well as your social media links. By adding value to their readers, the publication will want to return the favor by promoting you. A big authority in your niche has now shared your ideas, and you can bask in the increased traffic.

  2. It Increases Your Reach In Your Niche

    When you guest blog, it shows that you have knowledge that is worthy of attention. If a web surfer looks for your name on Google and finds your information on sites other than your home page, they think of you as an authority. This bias has some truth to it. After all, if you didn’t know your stuff, webmasters would not allow you to publish your posts on their site.

  3. It Labels You As An Expert In Your Industry

    Guest blogging can get you labeled as an expert in your particular niche. By guest blogging on a certain topic, you can show off your knowledge to different audiences. Writing for different blogs on the same topic can help establish your brand.

  4. It Gets You Traffic

    Every time you write a guest blog, you get a link or two leading to your place on the World Wide Web. This link might get placed in your bio or at the end of the post. If you start becoming a regular contributor to a few blogs, the parent blog will place the backlink in your bio for guest blogging. This can act as a great thing as readers who like your style can easily find more of your stuff on the web.

  5. It Gives You Stuff to Brag About To Strangers

    “Hello. I’m [your name here]. I blog for [blog names here].” That sounds like a greeting anyone can get behind on a daily basis. Besides, a little bragging never hurt anyone!