Email Marketing Facts 2019

Email Marketing Facts 2018-2018

As with other strategies in the marketing industry, email marketing trends are also changing. If you’re looking to update your knowledge about this important internet marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

Regarding the relevancy of email marketing in 2018, you’d be happy to know that yes, this trend is still very much alive and applicable. Let’s take a look at some facts and statistics, shall we?

Fact #1: 8 in 10 email users will likely check their email accounts via smartphones.

This is a huge opportunity for you. Most people, if not all, are equipped with smartphones these days where they can access every social media account including their email accounts, which makes it so easy to check it.

Going mobile with email is a huge trend in 2018 and you should not take it for granted. It has completely overtaken desktop computers, that even Google encourages site owners to create a mobile version of their sites in order to rank well in SERPs.

It is your duty as a marketer to make your emails mobile-friendly. Make it brief but informative, and make sure the font is big and clear enough to read. Smaller images will also decrease load times and make sure to use a single column template.

Remember that how people receive information is always changing. Make sure your marketing strategy keeps up.

Fact #2: Email is the third widely used source of information.

This is pretty self-explanatory and is tied up to the above-mentioned fact. People subscribe to mailing lists to get solid information from thought leaders and to get recommendations from colleagues. That said, it’s safe to say it’s easy to be influenced by these important people.

Before heading for the sale, however, make sure to build the relationship first. Make sure your email contains information that your target audience need or truly care about. Put yourself in their shoes.

Fact #3: 320% more revenue is attributed to welcome emails.

Email marketing statistics indicate that welcome emails are still highly effective. This strategy works when a user submits information to your site, download something, or sign up for a newsletter. In your email, you should welcome new members, introduce what your business is all about, inform them what they can get from your regular emails, share resources that they will find useful, and of course, include your thanks.

Fact #4: Emails are three times more likely to be shared on social media.

Another opportunity in email marketing is that subscribers will willingly share them if it proves them useful. The thing about social media is that tons of people from all walks of life are in it. If you create an amazing content, users will gladly share it with friends.

Shares from social media are a gift to your marketing campaign, so you should pay more attention to them. That said, make sure your email includes links to your social media accounts, and if you can, encourage your subscribers to share your content.

Fact #5: Videos in emails can increase click-through rate up to 50%.

No, videos aren’t just for YouTube and social media — they can be included in your emails too. Think about it: videos are hot on the internet these days. Some even go as far as making a video format of their written content.

People on the internet have short of focus and attention, so you have to make sure that your emails are attractive as they can be. Also, a lot of people simply don’t have time to read, but an entertaining and informative video might change their minds.

Make sure your email client has the technical requirements needed to play videos in emails.

Fact #1: There are 3.7 billion email users as of 2017 and the number will continue to grow to 4 billion users by 2021.

To those who are doubting whether people still read their emails or not, this number should put you at ease. It only goes to show that many people still use their emails and the number is predicted to grow. There’s a pretty good chance that your target audience makes up a chunk of those billions.